The combined elastic sports floor system is a set of polyurethane resin based materials for making elastic, multilayer sports floor systems. It is designed for professional indoor use in such objects as sports halls, gymnasiums, recreational rooms, bodybuilding gyms, health care facilities (e.g. physical rehabilitation rooms), etc. It is applied just as the point-elastic floor; however the substrate is a timber frame with a flexible surface.

The system combines the properties of a traditional parquet sports floor with the advantages offered by point-elastic floor. This results in superb resilience, high elasticity and excellent damping of impact energy, high coefficient of friction, as well as aesthetic appearance due to many available topcoat colour compositions; the floor is seamless and easy to clean. This solution offers one of the most comfortable sports floor designs.

The thickness of the combined elastic sports floor is: ca. 70 mm thickness of timber construction, 4 mm rubber granulate mat and ca. 2 mm polyurethane coating. It is not necessary to use thicker mats in this case. The timber construction, which should be used with polyurethane system, should be consulted with producer of polyurethane system.

The floor system consists of a rubber granulate mat glued with NOVOFLOOR P21 adhesive to the wooden panel. In next step mat is sealed by NOVOFLOOR P32. After preparing the surface in the described manner, a layer of NOVOFLOOR P42 elastic self-levelling polyurethane coating is applied. Once NOVOFLOOR P42 has cured, the pitch lines can be set. The surface of NOVOFLOOR P42 shall be painted with NOVOFLOOR P66W water-borne coloured topcoat, which gives the abrasion and matt values required by EU standards. The next stage involves painting the pitch lines with NOVOFLOOR P68.

novofloor combined elastic

  1. Wooden framework
  2. NOVOFLOOR P21 adhesive
  4. NOVOFLOOR P32 filler
  5. NOVOFLOOR P42 coating
  6. NOVOFLOOR P66 W topcoat + NOVOFLOOR P68 topcoat lines