Sport systems

Our systems in the sport field

Sport systems

Complete systems for indoor and outdoor sports facilities for football, five-a-side football, multisport, gyms, basketball, volleyball, ice-skating, running tracks and tennis which use high quality materials, realised with innovative techniques and certificates of the international sports associations.

“The human body is a perfect machine. But to preserve it, it is necessary to keep it trained. It’s with sports activity that our body strengthens and tones; and it is in the sport that we search for our limits. That’s why, in the maximum moment of the performance, just as in the playful moment, it is necessary that the floor we use guarantees not only constant standard services, but also our safety.

GommAmica makes all this possible, both with systems and components for systems of its own production, and thanks to the partnership with Novol, worldwide leader company in the field”.

GommAmica, the correct system, for each demand.

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